Inkonst Club Night: Your Planet Is Next (LIVE) + Bolam b2b Hugo Eckernäs

Inkonst Club Nights – the nights dedicated to the sounds closest to our hearts – the emerging, the pushing of boundaries, the suggestive, the unhinged, the masters. You get it right? Special, special nights for special people.

Your Planet Is Next (live) [Studio Barnhus / Klasse Wrecks]

Arvid Wretman aka Your Planet Is Next has actually been releasing top shelf stuff dating back as far as 2014. He caught both our ears and hearts with his YPIN EP on the legendary Studio Barnhus label back in 2016 and makes what some would call hypnotic, heavily acid infused disco music.

Your Planet Is Next is without a doubt a live artist and all of the above mentioned is contained in his shows. Wretman brings his most favoured gear of the hour and with the help of a mic he delivers ironic deadpan words of truth and love on top of his extremely catchy oddball house (do not forget this is the guy who did a cover of Cher’s “Believe”). What could suit an artist better who feels the most comfortable describing himself as “a failed pop star”?

Your Planet Is Next’s live show will bring added marketing value and guaranteed customer satisfaction to your dance party.


Bolam b2b Hugo Eckernäs

Shetland-Born, Malmö-Based Jack Hardie AKA ‘Bolam’ has a distinctive sound that’s easy to identify. A lifelong keen intrigue in music with fruitful influence from his friends, family and the musical community of the Shetland Islands in Scotland has led to his passion in dance music today. His club DJ sets are focused on keeping the listeners on their toes and in a groove evolving through different styles, moods and tastes with great ability to read the crowd and control the energy.

Malmö-based Hugo Eckernäs have a big passion for electronic music, both past and present. This leads him to have delved deep into different genres on the house spectrum, weaving them together in his DJ-sets to deliver an uplifting, diverse and fun time on the dance floor.