Inkonst Klubb: OAS med Raphaël Top-Secret & Prins Emanuel

Eclectic club with installations and visuals

On this opening night of OAS, the atmosphere has been transformed by the use of projectors, soundscapes and warmth. Honorable guest DJs of the evening are Raphaël Top-Secret (Antinote / Macadam Mambo) together with his friend Prins Emanuel (Fasaan Recordings / Wildlife Records).

Unafraid of stretching the boundaries of club music, Raphaël is typically moving effortlessly between everything from synth bangers, euro boogie and crackling italo.

Malmös own Prins Emanuel who normally enriches our lives through releases on his own label Fasaan Recordings, and with his new debut album, also brightens this premiere evening with his open-minded mix of obscure dance music.

The constant resident DJs of OAS Jonte Prippz & Soul-Erik entices the dancefloor with elusive treasures from across the globe.

OAS existance and goal is founded in a longing to provide Malmös nightlife with a slice of warmth, variation and love with a dedication to the unexpected and fantastical by the use of a wide spectrum of music and feelings. OAS artistic leaders Jenny Grönvall, Erik Schliemann och Jonatan Bergsman welcome You!

Inkonst & OAS (Jenny Grönvall, Jonatan Bergsman, Erik Schliemann)