Innerst Inne (Andreas Tilliander + Johan T Karlsson) support: DJ Saatans Kvinna

Somewhere there is a cassette on which "Up There?" is written in thick felt-tip pen. The music was recorded almost thirty years ago at the Art School in Hässleholm. Johan T Karlsson and Andreas Tilliander improvised ambient music and recorded directly on cassette.

A few years later Tilliander started releasing music under his own name but also as Mokira. Johan T Karlsson became Familjen with the entire Swedish people and it was Tilliander who was hired as a live musician. Together, they have performed almost a thousand gigs, but haven’t made any music together since that night at the Art School.
But now is now and then was then. The Duo Innerst Inne is here and picks up where it left off in the first half of the nineteen nineties. On the LP debut Rötter (2023) the concept is the same. The music on the album can be described as cinematic, dreamy ambient and was realized over the course of a week in Galthult just outside Hässleholm. Of course, the duo chose to record improvisations directly on cassette this time as well, without a computer or any post-processing whatsoever.

Support: DJ Saatans Kvinna
Exiled Gothenburgian, purveyor of the finest froggy sounds and a prominent part of the Retreat Radio Clique, Saatans Kvinna is known for her genre-bending, tempo-riddling and unexpected sets. Brace yourselves for a swampy and wonderfully weird musical journey.