International Womens Day 2017

Music, talks, lectures and fun

It has never felt more important to stand together for womens rights all over the world!

Womens right to their own bodies is in danger, women are forced to flee warzones, they are victims of war-crimes, some countries are even legalizing domestic abuse. Women still have to take most of the responsibility for domestic work and the caring of children, women are payed less than men and have worse working conditions than men. At the same time, our common welfare is being dismantled and inequality and racism in society increases.


International Solidarity – Women of the World Unite!
From Aleppo to Warsaw, from Kabul to Malmö

We are proud to present Gnučči and Amber Valent, DJ Rossana Dinamarca, Feministic Self Defence, BAM, Systerskapskören, Kör Utopi, Christina Höj Larsen, Diana Mulinari, Elham Shaktour amongst others!

The evening includes in addition to music, choirs and culture, a conversation between feminists about International Solidarity and feminist struggles through space and time – For peace, the reality of war, for the struggle. Additionally, Nina Wiander gives a lecture about three historical sisters and their feminist struggles.

Join Us in the Fight Against Sexism and Racism!

Vänsterpartiet Malmö, F! Malmö, Ung Vänster, Unga Feminister, Feminism För Unga (FFU), BAM!, ABF, Kvarnby Folkhögskola, Malmö FN-förening, Kvinnorättsförbundet, Latinamerikagrupperna Skåne, Vänsterns Studentförbund, Grupp 194, International Womens March, Dotterbolaget, Malmö kvinnor och barn förening (MKBF), Kvinna till Kvinna Malmö/Lund