Intonal 2022: Ambient Assembly (Free)

Festival opening, outdoors at Kristianstadsgatan 16 (2 min walk from Inkonst)

18:00 Tintin Patrone: Black Horse Names:* 
The German-Filipino sound and performance artist connects minimalism and durational performances influenced by microtonality and music-making animals.

19:00 TRjj/Hipolito & Poulsen/Sæderup Group
A premiere performance of the quartet version of two established duos mixing and matching their overlapping patterns and synchronous grooves.

20:00 Nkisi
The Congolese-Belgian artist – known as the co-founder of NON Worldwide, amongst her many other activities – cuts a fierce path through African polyrhythms, hardcore techno, and ’70s Italian horror films.

21:00 Rytmiskonsekvens
This mysterious Swedish band creates a dadaistic cavalcade of skewed rhythms and tentative niose with a mix of pre-recorded improvised percussion and a variety of drawling live instruments.

DJ of the night: HOS


* World Premiere


Kristianstadsgatan 16, 214 23 Malmö
Yard of Rundgång Rekords


  • 20/4 2022
  • 17.30-22.00
  • Free
  • None