Intonal 2022: Retreat x Mutant Radio (Free+Stream)

This event is available both physical (free entry, no age) and streamed via mutantradio.net + retreatradio.net

As per tradition, we’ve used the Inkonst lounge stage to create a micro-kosmos of the festival of sorts, live streaming DJ-sets from local artist and visitors, along with artists from the main bill.
It has been an unforgettable experience, creating a bridge of interaction between artists, visitors and collaborators.
This year, we wanted to bring this atmosphere outside of the venue and into the neighborhood – something that led us to the neighboring and marvelous Whose Museum art gallery.
For this year we’ve invited no less than two online radio stations from two widely different parts of the world – Tbilisi based Mutant Radio and our local pride, Retreat Radio.
While not sharing geographic proximity, they indeed have a lot in common with regards to artistic approach and ethos. During the festival, from Thursday to Saturday, they will serve us with DJ and live-sets from a myriad of artist from near and far.
It’s free – so feel free to pop by and listen but bear in mind that Whose Museum is small, so space is limited.

Thursday the 21st of April, 18.00-22.00
18.00 Malin Bobo
19.00 Tyler Friedman (DJ-set)
20.00 Fatäk
21.00 Rumina

Friday the 22nd of April, 18.00-22.00
18.00 Maria Spivak
19.00 Ninasupsa
20.00 HOS
21.00 Nikolajev & Ats

Saturday the 23rd of April, 18.00-22.00
18.00 Valentina Magaletti
19.00 Zesknel (Live-set)
20.00 OKO DJ
21.00 Klofink