INTONAL festival → 2021

→An exclusive five day exploration of experimental music and art

Our 6th edition of Intonal – our annual exploration into music and beyond!

2021. Has a year ever been more anticipated in contemporary culture? We know we’re not out of the fire yet, but there’s hope. At Inkonst, Malmö’s premiere cultural, multi-arts venue, we are ready. So, we’re still doing Intonal, that’s what we’re saying.

We’re following current restrictions, so tickets will be limited to 8 per event. IF restrictions change for the better, we will release corresponding additional tickets. So be quick sweethearts, see you June 16-20!

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A message from the Intonal crew:

Can a heartfelt hug be replaced by waving awkwardly at a dear friend in a zoom chat? Well of course not, it’s an absurd question. Still, this is basically what art and music venues around the world have been forced to consider for over a year.

Concerts and performances can be streamed of course – in fact, we’ve seen no end of them. Some of these productions have been really quite impressive and some… not so much. They all have one thing in common though: they didn’t replace anything.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not anti-technology. The field of digital production and presentation is a worthy and thriving one, but it’s a field in its own right and it shouldn’t be used as a substitution for “the real thing”. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it’s hopefully that. And to wash our fucking hands.

So, we’re still doing Intonal, that’s what we’re saying. The point of a festival is to share experiences and emotions with friends and strangers alike; to form new bonds and memories with people that you never met before; to collectively partake in the making of something sublime. This cannot be re-created digitally. Not in any form.

This festival is for all of you who have been starving for experimental music and culture, but it’s also for the likewise starving artists, technicians, and cultural workers that categorically have been deemed non-essential.

We don’t know how many guests will be allowed to join us, come June. But we do know we’ll create something exceptional together regardless.

Intonal 2021 artists:

Needless to say, Intonal 2021 will be a bit different. Our festival is usually a space where visitors and artists from all over the world gather to exchange music, ideas, and bodily fluids. Hey! We mean sweat on the dancefloor. For the most part.

This year, we’ll operate a bit closer to home, but as you’ll soon find out, we haven’t compromised on quality. About half of the works presented at this year’s edition are commissioned for Intonal and many of them are world premieres. Fever Dreams by Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg is one of those works that will premiere in June in Malmö. An immersive three channel video installation featuring their iconic stop motion animations and a live surround sound performance by Berg.

Intonal 2021 also presents Dungeon Acid & House of North for the first time together on stage, as Northern Acid. Swedish electronic music legend Jean-Louis Huhta and Berlin-based experimental design studio House of North have been brought together by the festival for a commissioned work on the concept of flow, utilizing quadraphonic surround sound and precision lasers.

Ellen Arkbro & Microtub have been commissioned for clouds for three tubas – yet another world premiere. The acclaimed Swedish composer and Intonal favourite Arkbro has written a new piece especially Microtub – the only microtonal tuba trio in the world. How could that not be amazing?

And as if that wasn’t enough, how about a church concert by the always sublime Anna von Hausswolff? Or the live premiere of Rivet’s acclaimed album debut on Editions Mego, performed alongside shibari rope artist Ziggi Willpower? Or the world premiere of the brilliant percussionist Uriel Barthelemi’s audiovisual work Rêves Accaparés?

There’s so much more that we’d like to shout from the rooftops, especially in devastating times like these for culture. But given the limited number of tickets that will be available for this very much live festival, we’d better stop here. We wouldn’t want to cause a riot. Yet.




Anna von Hausswolff (church concert)

Aki OndaStack Until It Falls Down (Screening)

Circle Of Live (Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson & Sebastian Mullaert) (streamed sleeping concert)



Cucina Povera

elielilistening to light inhaling (dance, performance / world premiere)

Ellen Arkbro & Microtubclouds for three tubas (commission/world premiere)

Frédéric GiesTechnosomatics (dance workshop)

Jay SpringettThe Future is a Vibe (Solarpunk discourse)

Johanna Knutsson(church concert)

Josefine OpsahlEkklesiaterion (church concert, commission/world premiere)

KMRU(church concert)

Minor ScienceAbsent Friends (world premiere live concert)

Mohammed BourouissaHorse Day (installation)

Nathalie Djurberg & Hans BergFever Dreams (commission/world premiere)

Northern Acid aka House of North & Dungeon AcidTransient Hypofrontality (commission/world premiere)


Rivet (world premiere live set feat Ziggi Willpower and Vincent Towliat

Rojin Sharafi

Sebastian Mullaert & Subchamber EnsmbleNatthall (commission/world premiere, video screening)

Sofie BirchQuadraphonic Flux (commission/world premiere)

Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) – Audio Virology (screening)

TCFX (streaming AI concert)

Uriel BarthélémiRêves Accaparés (commission/world premiere)

Varg2™ (commission/world premiere)


Yasmine El Baramawy

IAC Acousmatic concert programme

+ more


INTONAL is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015. The focus of the festival is to offer an international programme of experimental and electronic music covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions. Besides established artists within the electronic avant garde and acts bordering towards sound art, a hefty club oriented programme will also present DJs acting within an innovative new scene for dance music. Parallel to this there is also a number of installation exhibitions and artist talks. Out of tradition, a handful of events on the programme will be open to the public and free of entrance.
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