INTONAL Preparty: rRoxymore + Inga Mauer

A foretaste of the massive Intonal Festival on the horizon.

I think it’s important to encourage gluttony in all its formats. (Lydia Lunch)

The Intonal Festival, coming up in April, is all about challenging conventions and disregarding fixed boundaries between genres and artistic expressions. We think a preparty celebrating this enterprise is opportune, and we also think the always exciting rRoxymore – invited back from last year’s festival by popular demand – and Sankt Petersburg’s own EBM empress Inga Mauer fit the bill perfectly. rRoxymore’s emphasis on electronic music as originally a counter culture and her musical endeavour to fight the apparent stagnation makes her one of the most inspiring artists in the scene. Inga Mauer was arguably one of the biggest rising techno stars of 2016, culminating with Resident Advisor calling her “One of our favourite new DJs”. A fearless and unconventional producer and DJ with a palate for the acidic. Come get a taste.