Intonal Winter Assembly

Weekend festival. Nov 4-5 at Inkonst and Malmö Konstmuseum

Fellow Malmöites (and beyond)! You all know that self loathing breaking point in between fall and winter, the slush-ice-turn-to-rain-ridden season where we all ask ourselves ’Why do we live here?’. Where we seem to forget the budding cherry trees of April and, Oh the soothing sunlight of May (a time of year where one would normally schedule a festival).

After all, this is also the designated place in the wheel of time where humans in vastly different places around the globe have been celebrating the light in the dark. Whether it being Samhain, Kali Puja, Dia de los Muertos or our very own Allhelgonaafton people have, from ancient times and onwards, celebrated life and death, light and dark; the very stark contrasts of human life.

In the same fashion, Intonal gathers for this winter assembly to offer you, yes, you guessed it, both stark contrasts and a beacon of light in the dark.

A weekend mini festival, in the spirit of Intonal. From abstract to banging, from local to interplanetary. As always. Join in as we assemble!

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
Abul Mogard
Johanna Knutsson
Vladimir Ivkovic
Saatans Kvinna