Iris, pupil, retina, etc. – Iggy Malmborg

Devoted to sight and languages intervention in visual perception, centering around the eye as an organ; how the outer world invades our senses and how we are to deal with the (chaotic) information piercing us when the eyes are open.

17/11 – Doors 17.30/ On stage 18:00
18/11 – Doors 18.30/ On stage 19:00


90 min
Doors 30 min prior the performance

Iris, pupil, retina, etc. is devoted to sight and languages intervention in visual perception. The piece gives focus to the eye as an organ; how the outer world invades our senses and how we are to deal with the (chaotic) information piercing us when the eyes are open.

The human eye’s focal point is a minor dot, a mere fragment and everything around it is left in peripheral distortion – to see an image as ’whole’ demands an ocular operation of rapidly connecting a few dots in what we see and assume it’s surrounding. Assuming a symmetry and order the very eye does not catch. Hence, we are never seeing what our eyes are seeing – which is the basic premise and dilemma of this piece.

To exist in the world means to be visible, at all times, from all angles. We may only look into space from one point of view, but we can be looked at from everywhere else. In this work that is perceived as one of the (many) fundamental tragedies of life.

In Iris, pupil, retina, etc. thinking and seeing – elements of the being often seen/thought of as separate – are merging into one inseparable unit. Here there is no subtext, what you see is all there is. Hence, you are invited to think with your eyes.

Concept and direction: Iggy Malmborg
On stage: Julie-Cecilie Solberg and Iggy Malmborg
Dramaturge: Johan Jönson
Light design: Ulrich Ruchlinski
Effects: Leo Thörn
Set construction: Ragnar Sletten
Production management: Elisabeth C Gmeiner
Production assistant: Betty Nilsen
Trailer by: Tobias Liljedahl
Co-production: Rosendal Teater (Trondheim), Black Box teater (Oslo), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen) and Frascati (Amsterdam)
In collaboration with: Inkonst (Malmö)
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Region Skåne, Norsk kulturfond, FFUK, FFLB and Malmö Stad

Iggy Malmborg is a theatre maker and actor based in Malmö. Though a formation in traditional acting (the Theatre academy of Malmö) his pieces span over a wide range of aesthetics and styles, both solo and collaborative work. His main artistic interest is to use the performance event as a model onto which the pieces discourse directly can be applied. By using strategies that can be compared to minimalism, he sheds light on the politics of theatre and read it as a hierarchical machine with (unconscious) patterns of inclusion and exclusion. Over the years Malmborgs works has gained international recognition and been celebrated for presenting a complex intellectual discourse in a concrete way, filled with humor and warmth. Between 2013-2020 Iggy Malmborg was working in close collaboration with Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn) where he produced b o n e r (2014), 99 Words for Void – a duett with Maike Lond (2015), Physics and Phantasma (2017) and Things in my mouth (2019). The works have been presented in festivals and venues such as: Spielart (Munich), Baltic Circle (Helsinki), TnBA (Bordeaux), Auawirleben (Bern), Nanterre-Amandiers (Paris), FFT (Düsseldorf), Sophiensäle (Berlin), Oslo International Theatre Festival, Nowy Teatr (Warsaw), Kaaiteater (Brussels) and Dublin Theatre Festival. Since 2009 he is collaborating with Johannes Schmit under the name White on White. During the season 17/18 they premiered Fuck me ! (we didn’t make it) and Tyskland at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin.

During 2020/21 he opened the sound installation No More at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia and produced new pieces of performance ONE, ONE, TWO, THREE, FIVE for Kristiansands Art Hall in collaboration with André Eiermann and Far Side at Auawirleben (Bern) in collaboration with Sandra Forrer.

In 2022 he premiered his new work “Iris, pupil, retina, etc.” at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim, which will continue to tour along with Physics and Phantasma and Things in my mouth throughout the year.