Jag är tid, jag är rum – en sinnlig upptäcktsresa – Kollaborativet

An exploratory journey in a sensory landscape for all ages.

3/11 KL 10-11 & 13-14 // 4/11 KL 10-11 & 13-14 // 5/11 KL 16-17 & 19-20 // 6/11 KL 10-11 & 13-14 // Doors 30min prior

I am time, I am space – An odyssey of the senses

Light, shadows, reflections, soft, hard, knobbly, cold, warm, heavy and airy – in resonance with the body. An experience in landscapes where body and space can find a rhythm breathing together. Spaces to explore, to touch and being touched by. Spaces to transform with and vibrate towards. A sense of being here and now.

I am time, I am space – An odyssey of the senses, has been created in a process of close collaboration with children and pedagoges at Korrebäckens special preschool in Malmö. The expression is tactile, visual and auditory, beyond words. The performance aims to meet all children and adults in different ages, with various languages and with diverse capabilities.

Kollaborativet is a group of performing arts, based in Malmö, working in between dance, performance theatre and visual-/ installation art.

Medverkande: Ellen Spens (scenkonstnär), Marta Cicionesi (scenograf), Casper Wijlhuizen (ljussättare), Lisbeth Hagerman (dansare och koreograf), Chiara Pellizzer (kostym- och textilkonstnär), Erik Rask (ljuddesigner och grafisk formgivare).

  • 3–6/11 2021
  • 10-11 & 13-14 & 16-17 & 19-20
  • 65:-
  • For all ages
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