Fennek Film “Love the Pain”

Vulnerability and trust is closely examined in an intimate blood & knife play performance.

Blood evokes strong emotions. Playing with knives and blood is one of the most intimate and exposing (sexual) acts there is. The opening of skin is like a metaphor for the relationship between those playing. This intimate performance uses knife and blood play to express and explore trust and vulnerability. It’s a hypnotic experience where violence and tenderness exists side by side.

It is not permitted to photograph, film or in any other way document the performance.

The performance contains explicit violence and blood.

Fennek Film is a Malmö-based art project started in 2013 by Jonatan Gyllenör, that focuses on erotic art film and produce the yearly event Erotikafton. Jonatan Gyllenör is a filmmaker, video artist, producer and performance artist. Hets is a Malmö-based artist who makes tattoos, prints, illustrations and books. Niclas Stanik is a musician, sound artist and DJ. Ludvig Uppman is one half of FlickerFuckers, who creates immersive installations with erotic themes, where video, light, sound, acoustics and set design harmonise.

By: Fennek Film | On stage: Jonatan Gyllenör & Hets | Music: Niclas Stanik | Lighting design: Ludvig Uppman / IKONOKON