K – ÖGAT i samarbete med Lumination of Sweden och Teater Planetariet

K is one of Swedens greatest poets, celebrated and praised. When her husband is accused of serious crimes everything starts falling. Can she ever land again? The successful play based on Katarina Frostensons’s highly discussed novel “K” comes to Malmö.

DOORS: 18.30
ON STAGE: 19.00

DOORS: 12:30
ON STAGE: 13:00


K is one of Sweden’s most noted poets, with a given seat in The Swedish Academy. One of Sweden’s greatest lyricists, celebrated and elevated. Then comes the explosion. Her husband is accused of serious crimes, and the media frenzy rages. They fall together. She falls. Hard. K flees the land of S and its bloodthirsty people. What happens to a person falling free? Can she ever land? She writes to survive, she writes because it will be her salvation in the fall. She writes because it is the only thing she can do. In literature there is a respite. She writes despite the fact that everyone around her demands answers and standpoints. She writes from love. She writes to understand the plot of her own life.


The play “K” was originally produced by Folkteatern in Gothenburg 2022. It has now been taken over by parts of the artistic team; Ylva Olaison, Kristian Hallberg and Tobias Hagström Ståhl. K is out on tour during 2024 in a collaboration between ÖGAT, Lumination of Sweden and Teater Planetariet with support from Svante Bergströms Teaterfond.


Baed on a book by: Katarina Frostenson
Idea: Ylva Olaison and Kristian Hallberg
Script: Kristian Hallberg
Director, scenography and light design: Tobias Hagström-Ståhl
Costume and mask: Jenny Ljungberg
Composer and musician on stage: Lovisa Samuelsson
Potraying K: Ylva Olaison
Photo: Lina Ikse
Trailer: Anton Källrot