Kallelse #2

Kallelse gathers voices from a new generation of experimental electronic music. This time with Sophia Sagaradze, Sofie x Hulda and Spellcaster.


Sophia Sagaradze is an award-winning sound artist, composer and performer from Georgia based in Denmark.
With a focus on multi-channel sound, interactive installations and multidisciplinary performances, Sophia creates works that revolve around the borders between reality and the boundless inner world.

She is a founder and leader of Aarhus Lydforening (Aarhus Sound Association) and is currently a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg.


Sofie x Hulda is a music duo formed by Sofie Thorsen from Denmark and Hulda Ragnhildur Hjálmarsdóttir from Iceland. Both are active in and currently study electronic composition. Their music is characterized by the use of textured soundscapes, the blend of ethereal and expressive melodies along with experimental vocals. Sofie x Hulda finds inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including choral music, listening to the built environment vs nature, and pure imagination. This eclectic mix of influences is reflected in their music, which seamlessly blends different genres and sounds to create a unique sonic journey.


Spellcaster is a music drama; digital orchestral music, electronic manipulations and wavy soundscapes juxtaposed with pop sensibility within the lyrical narratives. Behind Spellcaster is composer holger hartvig (Synd & Skam, Boligroup, LOL Beslutning), but Spellcaster and their opera memo (Anyines, 2022) includes several characters. It is therefore the character Anybardinthegrass, embodied by holger, who performs in Spellcaster

The opera, memo, deals with memory, quantum physics, companionship and identity through song, signals and field recordings.

Spellcaster is currently on their mem.mel#9-series of which memo (2022) and Inventory (2019) are a part. In the long term, Spellcaster is to be understood as a collective – a fluid orchestra in which the characters roam.