Kallelse #3

Kallelse gathers voices from a new generation of experimental electronic music. This time with Arte Carlander, Dalin Waldo and Sól Ey.

DOORS: 20.00
ON STAGE: 20.30


Arte Carlander is on a journey through indeterminate strings of events which has led them through manifold forms of expression. A magical music game involving an idiosyncratic music theory, “synthesizing voice exercises” for changing social situations, fictive music history, and puppetry expanded with hobby technology. Right now they are working on an sci-fi opera-album, involving many possible and impossible subjectivities, in a fabulating and speculative narrative style.
Musically Arte is eclectic and combines a multitude of musical logics, often stretching towards liminal complexity, often finding themself resting at the beauty of simplicity.
This concert will be a cross section of where they are right now on this journey.


YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICITY WITCH: Dalin WaldoOoOoOoo an esoteric engineering enthusiast, one of the founders of the neo-fluxus anti-art movement Nægtularism with a big heart for old soviet synthesizers. She/he/they has an x-pertise in eloptic engineering and uses this knowledge in designing more organismic synthesizer interfaces together with SOMA Laboratory. She/he/they is the designer of The Ethermorphic FM Analyzer and the ENNER synthesizer. Which are both machines that can transmit your direct emotional energy and make the operator become a part of the circuitry, becoming oneself an Emotional Machine Activator indeed, indeed. X-citing!
Can synthesizers transmit emotional energy, the so-called “eloptic energy”? Can we consider improvisation as a way of conversing with our synthesizers? – and can we build synthesizers in the future based on the understanding of eloptic energy?
Thoughts about esoteric engineering, deep listening and the aesthetic of electricity.
Followed up by a presentation of the ENNER synthesizer project.


Sól Ey (b. 1996) is an Icelandic artist and researcher living in Copenhagen. Her works consist of performances, installations, and instrument design, and aim to combine sound, space, movement, light, technology, and the body. Currently, her artistic research focuses on the possibilities of the human body when extended with electronics or objects.
Sól Ey’s works are regularly presented at European festivals, notably Nordic Music Days, NEXT (SK), Reykjavik Art Festival (IS), Dark Music Days (IS), and Rewire (NL). She was an artist-in-residence at the Spatial Sound Institute (2018) and Instrument Inventor’s Initiative (2021), and a research fellow at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality (2022). Furthermore, she is active as a curator, e.g., for RASK (IS) and was a festival director of Ung Nordisk Musik Reykjavik 2022. Sól Ey obtained a bachelor’s degree in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague in 2021.