Kess Kill: Celldöd, Rivet, To Feed On Others

Punky porto techno and raw body

Malmö power labels Kess Kill and Sound+Matter present Celldöd, Rivet and To Feed On Others! 

Kess Kill: record label and sole crusader of Neue Malmöitische Welle produces their first label night. In collaboration with label-house and record shop Sound+Matter. The first time always hurts, so we go straight for the sledge hammer that is Celldöd live. Being active since the mid 90s he’s probably the most genuine spirit of body music coming out of Sweden. A live performance of rare energy and power, leaving nothing and noone dry at the end of it. Also on stage doing their live debut is Danish band of angst driven electronics To Feed On Others. A new name debuting a few months ago on a joint release by local darlings Rundgång Rekords and Sores. And of course, Kess Kill honcho and luminary DJ Rivet will be on site, making sure no muscle is left untorn.

Kess Kill & Sound+Matter