Kiloton 9 Years w: Federico Molinari & Edvin Wikner

Per Hammar and Kajsa Lindström are back for the 9-year anniversary of Kiloton.

As January comes to an end, it’s again time for us to mark the anniversary of Kiloton. This time we’re hitting 9 years, and to celebrate we’re proud to present none other than minimal master Federico Molinari.

Born in Buenos Aires and based in Berlin, Federico is a co-founder of OSLO Records, a resident at clubs like Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse, and has released on labels such as Pressure Trax, Raum and Nervmusic. His melodic, mesmerizing and quirky take on electronic music breaks the barriers of genres but leaves no one untouched on the dance floor — a quality that has led him to tour the world for more than a decade.

To support this idol of ours, we invited another one: Maraton co-founder Edvin Wikner. As both DJ and producer, Edvin finds his energy in the long-lasting and repetitive soundscapes of rhythm and dust, and is seen behind the decks at clubs across Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

To wrap up, this will be one for the books. We can’t wait to see you on January 24.


Federico Molinari (OSLO Records)

Edvin Wikner (Maraton)

Kajsa Lindström (Kiloton)

Per Hammar (Kiloton / Dirty Hands)

VJ: Collapse Visuals