Klubb Alloy meets Substantiv

Dance and sweat with these hard beats.

Don’t miss the chance to dance and sweat with these hard beats.
Eat a falafel at Möllan and take your friends to INKONST.
Dance! Dance! Dance!

Røttar [Rusty Nails/Abstraction/Substantiv]

Rene Navarro aka Røttar aka Zwei Gesichter is the multifaceted character that came from Havana, Cuba to Malmö to learn us a thing or two about how if there’s a will there’s a way. After already being and still being part of the first wave of rave parties and the Cuban rave revolution, with the team Rusty Nails Ravers as well as Cubas first real techno label Abstraction, he moved to Malmö for new enterprises and hopes and very quick became a part of the rave scene over here too.

Røttar’s raw and EBM-flavoured industrial techno and intense DJ sets are now an integral part of Lunds techno organization Substantiv and he’s also becoming a sought after producer. Apart from already getting released on Abstraction a lot more tracks from Røttar are soon seeing the light of day on for example Deletech Records, Substantiv and at Voight-Kampff‘s upcoming release. Keep an eye on this dude folks!


Maria Faleborn [Substantiv]

Having gained attention from the onset through playing at underground clubs, Maria has also been a fundamental part of the techno scene among the student nations in Lund already for some time and it was here where the relationship with the well known Swedish based event organization and podcast series Substantiv began.

Since taking on her Substantiv residency Maria has been performing alongside names such as Hemka, Sev Dah, Inter Gritty, Bauri, Electrorites, Kasper Melchior, Solid Blake and many more. Maria has also featured on podcasts for Impact (France), Hoppa Amsterdam and KODEN(UK).

She’s been prominent in the underground scene in Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg. Aside from Sweden she has also played at clubs in Germany and Denmark and last year Maria was invited to do the warm up for Subjected at the reputed Danish techno club and concept at Et Andet Sted. Alongside Subjected, residents Henrik Krog Andeersen, Kasper Melchior and Maria combined their respective sounds and style to create a truly magical atmosphere.

Maria has a huge love for fast paced techno with a lot of acid and loves to create that special immersive feeling that lets the music speak for itself.