Klubb Asana

Yoga with live music

Pack your yoga-mat and come down to Klubb Asana- a pansensory yoga club, with visuals, meditation and live music.

The fall has swept in and it’s time to once more gather in our yoga positions. The yoga session is accompanied by an electronic live music mantra nad hypnotizing visuals.

Everyone are welcome , beginners and experienced alike.

The session starts at 18:30 and goes on until 19:30, after the session you may partake in a 15 minute relaxation exercise.

You are more than welcome to bring your own yoga mat.

Lina Maliganis is your instructor for the night and Rasmus Alkestrand will be performing the electronic mantra.

Klubb Asana is a reaccuring event and you can also take part on the following dates: : 4/10, 22/11 och 13/12.