Klubb Inkonst: Mono Junk & Apeiron Crew

The best dance acts in Scandinavia

”Enough talk!” (Conan the Destroyer,1984)

Nothing but the very best from the Finnish and Danish electronic music scene will do for the grand finale of The Conference. Hosted by Media Evolution, The Conference will take over the city of Malmö in September with a series of events and talks focusing on the relationship between digital trends, AI, art, psychology and new technology. This calls for a great club night to end the whole thing on the loudest note possible. Inkonst has invited:

Mono Junk (Live)
Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk is one of the great Nordic pioneers of electronic music. His label Dum Records, founded in 1992, defined together with Säkhö Recordings the typical minimalistic sound of Finnish techno and electronica and had a great impact on the international techno scene as a whole. Mono Junk is very much still alive and kicking, though, and still brings his distinctive blend of classic Detroit techno and raw Chicago tunes to every party, along with his analogue rig. A timeless techno master and his magical tools. We’re all in for quite a treat.

Apeiron Crew
Inkonst was lucky enough to be able to host Apeiron Crew as our residents this spring season. The superb DJ collective from Copenhagen has really started to get the international notice it deserves, and this summer has been filled with gigs in Berlin, London and Glasgow. We’re extremely happy to bring them back to Malmö and Inkonst for the finale of The Conference – no other crew has the same 100% party guarantee while still being 100% pure quality. Apeiron Crew is the very best cocktail one could ever be offered that isn’t potentially fatal.


Inkonst & The Conference

The event is a part of the project PULS, supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordiska Ministerrådet för Kultur.