Klubb Kalabalik: Molchat Doma & Kid Fourteen

Lebanese no wave and Belarusian new wave with Klubb Kalabalik.

Klubb Kalabalik has been showcasing alternative music in Småland since 2005 with club events, concerts and the country side weekend festival ‘Kalabalik på Tyrolen’ held for the ninth annual year this summer. Bringing contemporary synth, wave and post-punk acts from all over the world to the forefront. Now based in Malmö they bring two of their favorite acts from the new east and middle east to Inkonst.

Molchat Doma (BY)

“The Belarusian New Order of our generation” – Molchat Doma, has quickly become a beacon for Belarusian and East European post-punk in general with their both musically and lyrically, visceral and intense 80’s influenced yet futuristic hybrid of bleak post-punk and minimalistic synth-pop.  Their most recent, and second album upload gaining over 500 000 views on youtube and the vinyl already on fourth press over at formidable, Berlin based Detriti Records.

Driving melancholic basslines interwines with sparkling guitar chords backed by dense and precise but playful drum machine beats. Icy synths combined with the heartfelt and agonizing vocals of front man Egor Shkutko emphasize the sense of extreme sadness and despair in questioning belief systems, death and leaving loved ones behind.

Kid Fourteen (LB)

Kid Fourteen is the solo moniker of Khodor Ellaik, currently based in Beirut-Lebanon. Between 2010 and 2014, Ellaik was the frontman of punk band Beirut Scum Society and the short-lived post-punk/no-wave outfit Friendly Faces. Following these ill-fated experiences, Ellaik adopted a solo aesthetic originally blending punk sensibilities and noise-pop elements. His debut album Dream Kids Never Sleep was released in 2016 on Ruptured music label. Kid Fourteen’s second album Blood-Thick Silence was released in April 13th 2018 by ‘pinyon’ (UK).

Starting July 2018, Kid Fourteen’s long time collaborator Karim Shams officially joined the band on guitars & keys, making Kid Fourteen a duo. However, this show will be a solo performance.


Inkonst och Klubb Kalabalik