Klubb OAS: Jamie Tiller

Euphoric club night

This year’s good friday will be a great friday at Inkonst when OAS presents celebrated DJ Jamie Tiller (GB). With hopes of bringing spring and warmth to Malmö, OAS once again invite you to an unforgettable clubnight, when the halls of Inkonst are transformed into a gilded experience.

Jamie Tiller (Music from Memory/UK) is the renowned crate digger and DJ who is also one of the founders of the brilliant reissue-label ‘Music from Memory’, which brings focus upon obscure and previously unknown works of music, often in the reaches of synthpop, boogie and ambient. No stranger to breaking new ground, he uses his selection to pilot any dancefloor and its occupants into a euphoric trance.

LIO KILA (VJ) is a visual artist working with the sensuous cosmos and abstract forms, joined with the more accessible and tactile. With an understanding of the interaction between music and the audiovisual experience, she draws you into her universe.

The constant resident DJs of OAS Jonte Prippz & Soul-Erik entices the dancefloor with elusive treasures from across the globe.

OAS’ existence and goal is founded in a longing to provide Malmös nightlife with a slice of warmth, variation and love with a dedication to the unexpected and fantastical, by the use of a wide spectrum of music and feelings. Artistic leaders of OAS Jenny Grönvall, Erik Schliemann och Jonatan Bergsman welcome You!

OAS (Jenny Grönvall, Jonatan Bergsman, Erik Schliemann)