Koloni festival: Day 1

Festival with alternative, experimental and electronic music.

Two day-festival with alternative, experimental and electronic music from the US, France, Finland, England and Sweden.

Friday 11/11 19.00–03.00
Zombie Zombie (FR)
K-X-P (FI)
Coldnose (SE/UK)
Horseface (SE)
Horse Lords (US)
Finnteng Soundsystem (FI) 
DJ Daun (Se/UK)
DJ Lupo Manaro (SE)

Saturday 12/11 17.30–03.00
Jenny Gräf (US/DK)
DJ + filmvisning: Mark Gergis/Sublime Frequencies (ex US)
Porest (ex US)
Death and Vanilla (SE)
Rebecca Digby (SE)
DJ Cissi Paisley (Tredje Dynastin, SE)
DJ Various Artists (SE)
More info on the Saturday program here…

Zombie Zombie (France)
Zombie Zombie is a French trio made up of Etienne Jaumet on analog synths, Cosmic Neman (who also plays with the band Herman Dune) and Doc Shonberg, both on drums and percussion.
Zombie Zombie go back to 2005 and their first album “A Land for Renegades”. In 2010 their album “Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter”, which saw them solely tackle the works of film score composer John Carpenter in new and different ways was a big succes. This time round they’ve taken a different tack heading into the studio with Joakim on production duties for their third album proper, “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde” (‘Rituals Of A New World’).
“I know this French band that is pretty good. They’re called Zombie Zombie. (They’re a techno band I think)”. – John Carpenter.

K-X-P (Finland)
K-X-P is an esoteric space rock band from Helsinki, Finland. They mix electronics, kraut, noise, pop melodies and even techno into a hypnotic and minimalistic groove with references to bands like Spacemen 3, Vangelis, Mr. Fingers, This Heat, 23 Skidoo, Suicide and Neu! K-X-P can be considered as “a perfect synthesis of disco glitterball and skull drinking” (Q Magazine).  The music has been described as “incredibly rhythmic, and their grooves– paranoid dark disco and motorik— deep” (Pitchfork)

Coldnose (SE/UK)
Coldnose have created her complex, shifting techno rhythms with Kurdish influences since New Years Eve 2013. She started the soloproject in Malmö but now lives in London. Coldnose have played live at various places and cities, in a church in Gävle, a tunnel in Gothenburg, an art-space in London, a basement in Stockholm and also more well known venues as Inkonst, Corsica Studios in London and singsang in Malmö! A tape have been released on Zeon Light Kassett and the new one will be out just in time for this concert on the local label Funeral Fog.

Horseface (SE)
Horseface from Umeå play repetitive melodic music with ramshackle poly rhythms and lyrics sung in Finnish. Their sound is akin to their postpunk predecessors, but with a curious ear for the new sounds of global pop. The band released their debut cassette in 2014 and have since then played at various clubs and festivals in Sweden and Finland. Their first full length album, Jääkausi, will be released by Diskret förlag early 2017.

Maja Karlsson started releasing homemade CDR’s as part of the DIY-scene in southern Sweden in 2001, making nine full-length albums under names like Le Bombe, Just Like A Boy and 53CR37/SECRET. Her latest solo project MAKEMAKE tries to fill a void in Swedish culture: the lack of truly queer art which does not make apologies and does not try to justify itself. Lyrically MAKEMAKE is working with themes that is uncomfortable, unsuitable and embarrassing. Musically it is a hommage to hiphop, infused with traces of Majas history within indiepop.

Horse Lords (US)
Grafting the relentless repetitions of modern minimalism onto the propulsive engine of rock and roll,Horse Lords create an ecstatic forward thrust driven by dueling polyrhythms that curve endlessly past one another. The Baltimore quartet, consisting of saxophonist/percussionist Andrew Bernstein, bassist/synthesist Max Eilbacher, guitarist Owen Gardner, and drummer Sam Haberman, employs arcane tuning systems to achieve their otherworldly harmonies, made possible by guitars refretted by Gardner. The resulting sound is at once stark and lush, tightly interwoven and threatening to fly apart, making their live performances spellbinding and utterly thrilling affairs. Their latest record “Interventions” on Northern Spy Records showcases this visceral approach to live performance, as well their interest in crafting studio compositions that pull apart and reassemble the constituent parts of their music into more abstract forms. Their previous record, “Hidden Cities” (NNA), was called one of the best of 2014 by the Washington Post, Adhoc.fm and New Yorker critic Sasha Frere-Jones.

Finnteng Soundsystem (FI)
Finntengs is a Helsinki-based DJ with two long lines in the project that sets up everything on the classic Jamaican bass line or “rhythm”. This DJ JS 666 Halitiainen and describe their music: “Sleng Teng is the name of the first fully computerized Jamaican riddim music. Riddim, co-King Jammy and Wayne Smith, was called” Under Mi Sleng Teng “. Riddim itself is obviously an attempt to create a David Bowie’s” hang on you “. The is a pattern found in Casio MT-40’s keyboard. Wayne Smith was the one who had found the computer audio Noel Davey keyboard. Together organized riddim subsided, matched it with his key and practiced it before it Jammys studio. When riddim was brought to the studio and Jammy heard of it, then placed in applauding it. Jammy recorded in a number of other artists, including original karaoke Tenor Saw “pumpkin Belly. ‘Sleng Teng is one of the versions Jamaican Riddims.”
Finntengs is a rhythm music! Finntengs is dance music! Finntengs is bailumusaa!

DJ Daun (SE/UK)

DJ Lupo Manaro (SE)

Koloni & Inkonst