Koloni festival: Day 2

Festival with alternative, experimental and electronic music.

Two day-festival with alternative, experimental and electronic music from the US, France, Finland, England and Sweden.

Friday 11/11 19.00–03.00
Zombie Zombie (FR)
K-X-P (FI)
Coldnose (SE/UK)
Horseface (SE)
Horse Lords (US)
Finnteng Soundsystem (FI) 
DJ Daun (Se/UK)
DJ Lupo Manaro (SE)

More info on the Friday program here…

Saturday 12/11 17.30–03.00
Jenny Gräf (US/DK)
DJ + filmvisning: Mark Gergis/Sublime Frequencies (ex US)
Porest (ex US)
Death and Vanilla (SE)
Rebecca Digby (SE)
DJ Cissi Paisley (Tredje Dynastin, SE)
DJ Various Artists (SE)

On record VED combine programmed beats, samples and electronic sounds with acoustic drums, bass, guitars and organ into an unpredictable soundtrack with elements of surf guitar music, free jazz and art rock. Strong melodic themes share space with atmospheric field recordings and samples such as the voice of hypnotist Milton Erickson, a car formerly owned by the Swedish king being chased by police, and the sound of neurons in an anesthetized cat’s brain. Live, VED are a forceful six piece that deliver hypnotic rock, free improvisation and outsider funk, stretching and mutating the songs into unknown shapes. They have played extensively around Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, England and recently toured the ex-Soviet region of Central Asia, from Kazakhstan to Tajikistan.


MAG has have played more then 100 shows in Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA and has shared the bill with acts like Lightning Bolt, Legendary Pink Dots, Trumans Water, Ora Cogan, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, The Skull Defekts. etc, and played at festivals/venues such as Mission Creek Music and Art Festival (San Fransisco), Arts Birthday (Stockholm), FakeJazz (Vancouver), Festival of Endless Gratitude (Copenhagen) and Dockville festival (Hamburg).

Jenny Gräf (US/DK)
Jenny Gräf creates harsh, hypnotic landscapes of sound combining hacked up song structures with outbursts of staccatic noise. Largely known for her experimentation in live improvised sound performances using tactile, non-conventional instruments, Gräf’s work includes long-term collaborative sound projects designed for women with Alzheimer’s in order to expand understanding of memory and identity through sound. She performs and exhibits sound installations throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. Her recordings are on labels such as Load, 5rc, Atavistic, Hanson, Utech, Troubleman. 


DJ & VJ Mark Gergis (US)
Across decades Mark Gergis has issued a trail of confounding agitprop sound art, post-globalized hate-pop, diabolical radio dramas and carefully rearranged realities on the Abduction, Seeland, Resipiscent and Nashazphone labels. Porest’s blatant embezzlement of human syntax and cultural misunderstanding broadcasts vital mixed messages. Collaborations have included: Aavikko (Finland) Alan Bishop/Sun City Girls (USA), and Negativland (USA) among others. Gergis was a co-founder of the long-running experimental Bay Area music and performance collective Mono Pause – as well as its offshoot Neung Phak, performing inspired renditions of southeast Asian musics. Since 2003, with the Sublime Frequencies label, an ethnographic music and film collective out of Seattle, Washington – and more recently, with his own record label – Sham Palace, Gergis has shared decades of research and scores of archived international music, film footage and sound recordings acquired during extensive travels in the Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere.

Three brand new short film works in progress by MARK GERGIS (Ex-USA – Sublime Frequencies / Sham Palace)

A highly-charged compilation of dramatic film and music clips from Khmer-produced VHS tapes made during the late 1980s and early 1990s in the US & Cambodia.
– Running time: 26:15

Memories of Syria at the end of the world. An attempt at creating a space where the Syria that once was can briefly speak to us, through a collection of images, music and sound montaged from original video, photographs, archival VCDs, historical television footage, field and radio recordings. All material filmed or collected between 1997-2010.
– Running time: 28:30

Filmed in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia between 2008-2016. Incredible music performances pair alongside montaged segments and vignettes from original footage and regional television, assembled for dramatic impact.
– Running time: 24:00

Porest (US)
How do we sell you a sarcasm-soaked sample-a-delic critique of rampant First World pillage of the Middle East and global religious bigotry? You’ll know Mark Gergis from the many amazing compilations of music from across the globe that he’s produced for Sublime Frequencies and for his key role in bringing Omar Souleyman to non-Syrian ears. You may also know his own Sham Palace label that has released, amongst other gems, the Los Siquicos Litoraleños album. Porest is Gergis’ response to variously conflicted political mindsets and a somehow often funny look at the many atrocities casually sprinkled around the globe as a result. Be sure to hear the genius Porest album Tourrorists! ahead of TUSK too (and the new Porest record, Modern Journal Of Popular Savagery, out imminently on the great Nashazphone label). So what motivates Gergis? “Well, growing up half Arab in America is different than not growing up half Arab. I’ll never really know what it would be like to peacefully eat bologna sandwiches in grade school without being called Khomeini-face or Gaddafi or something. I vowed artistic revenge on my classmates at an early age, knowing full well that I’d make an album like “Tourrorists!” that they’d never hear.”

Death and Vanilla (SE)
Death and Vanilla is a trio formed in Malmö, Sweden. They have a knack of creating deliciously enticing soundscapes, full of moody moogs, swirling melodies and breathless vocals. Their influences on their latest album ‘To where the wild things are’ are apparent and diverse, ranging from Ennio Morricone to Scott Walker, Tom Dissevelt to Norman Whitfield, The Zombies to Sun Ra, and Bo Hansson to The BBC Radiophonic workshop.
After a handful of successful releases including a debut EP in 2010, their self-titled LP in 2012 – which sold out on pre-order – and a beautifully designed 7” single, the experimental pop trio were invited to compose a live soundtrack for the classic horror film, Vampyr (1932), for the Lund Fantastisk Film festival in Lund.
In 2015, newly signed to Fire Records (London), the band returned with a new, full length album ‘To Where The Wild Things Are.’ Named after the Maurice Sendak children’s book, the album is comprised of pop music with a wild, dreamy and experimental edge, celebrating imagination and the ability to travel to stranger recesses of the mind.
Death and Vanilla utilise vintage musical equipment such as vibraphone, organ, mellotron, tremolo guitar and moog, to emulate the sounds of 60s/70s soundtracks, library music, German Krautrock, French Ye-ye pop and 60s psych. They revel in the warmth of older analogue instruments to create a more organic sound, each loose wire and off-kilter noise adding to the rich atmosphere.
Following a run of UK successful live dates in 2015 including Rough Trade East, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Levitation Psych Fest (France), Le Guess Who? and Incubate (Netherlands), Death and Vanilla’s catalogue was reissued by Fire Records in May 2016.

DJ Cissi Paisley (Tredje Dynastin, SE)

Rebecca Digby (SE)
If you don’t know what to do, make music. If you don’t have a band, fake one. If you’re feeling lonely, you are not alone. If you have control, you’re an idiot. Not so much eye (love kitten edition) is a performance about digital social presence, music, power dynamics and intimacy. Rebecca Digby (b.1987) is currently an MA student at KKH Royal institute of Art in Stockholm and sometimes seen performing under the name Mole Says Hi. She was also part of the neo no-wave trio UFOFBI.

DJ Various Artists (SE)

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