Kvalitetsteatern “The Pain is Real (din fitta jag saknar dig)”

For everyone who has ever had their heart broken.

An indulgence in weariness, apocalypse, paralysis, failure and shame for everyone who has ever had (or is at risk to ever get) their heart broken.

The Pain is Real is about getting dumped, losing your spot, your love being unrequited, losing your community, not being able to handle romantic relationships, whether in a monogamous couple or a polyamourous lifestyle, and breaking down from the transient nature of all things love.

Kvalitetsteatern is a queer feminist theatre group that has worked together since 2011. They like to use documentary material in their performances and examite structures and norms surrounding gender, class, queerness and theatre.

On stage: Eddie Mio Larson, Johanna Essie Sjögren, Robin N Spegel | Technician & set designer: Amanda Lebert Elfvelin | Workshop leaders that have co-created the performance:
Francine Agbodjalou, Leopold K Bojsenburg, Anne Jonsson, Nino Mick & Pia Olby | Consultantt: Toni Tora Anakin Botwid | Director: Robin N Spegel in collaboration with the ensemble | Supported by Kulturrådet & Göteborg stad

  • 24–25/1 2020
  • 18.30 on stage 19.00
  • 165/120 SEK
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