Kvargvarg “Gudar vi inte minns”

Inkonst's first exhibition with visual art

Inkonst is now starting up a completely new exhibition business with a focus on contemporary visual art. The premiere exhibition will be a collaboration with Galleri REDAN, which has selected the artist Kvargvarg. He will do a completely new works that are painted on our walls at Inkonst in the exhibition “Gudar vi inte minns” (The Gods we don´t remember). The characters that are central to his world of images tell stories with equal parts everyday realism and imagination as well as humor and satire. Human shortcomings, cute animals and colorful shapes are recurring elements. It is crazy and visually yummy.

Inkonst has for several years presented art and culture of all kinds, not least music and performing arts, but also literature, film, conversation, club, etc. Now we can present a completely new investment in the visual arts! We will do recurring exhibitions in our lounge with a broad focus on contemporary visual art from both Sweden and the world. Sometimes the exhibitions are linked to our other program, sometimes completely independent. The exhibitions will be curated both by Inkonst and in collaboration with other galleries or artists.


Kvargvarg aka Oscar Andersson (b. 1988) lives in Stockholm and works as an artist and set designer. His relationship to his motives is often about approaching something scary and disarming it with the pen. The characters then become their own and lovable as in the zine Hårda killar och mjuka hundar (Hard guys and soft dogs). Oscar has studied a master’s degree in visual communication at Konstfack.


Kvargvarg´s instagram

Covid-19, the bar is open and opening hours:

At the exhibition, the maximum number of people in the room is 8, so to secure a place , book a free ticket via Tickster. Drop-in if we have room!

Vernissage 5 mars kl 17.00–20.00
Other opening hours: 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 mars (every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 17.30–20.00

Inkonst keeps the bar open in tandem with the exhibition’s opening hours. So feel free to sit down and have a beer or a glass of wine after looking at the exhibition. You can sit a maximum of 4 per party and all tables are about 2m apart, we follow all the Folkhälsomyndighetens recommendations for bar and restaurant activities