Lead Us – Lisa Janbell & Riksteatern

Welcome into a club-like dance-ritual that centres around community, trust and deep friendship.

Date: 11/2
Doors: 21.30/ On Stage: 22.00
175/135 kr
70 min

Exclusive offer!  Dance from 22-04 when you buy ticket to Lead Us you also get entry to


**DJ Lina Dahl is playing in the lounge 

Welcome into a dance-ritual with a club-air that centres around community, trust and deep friendship. The choreographer Lisa Janbell seamlessly joins afro-cuban folk influences with contemporary performance and evocative club-beats. An almost sacred atmosphere evolves into a dense club-feeling where the laser beams cut through the fog and reveal new layers of our subconscious.

Together with the dancers Cecilia Redhe och Bianca Traum Janbell creates a place beyond time and space, where the audience have the possibility to deep-dive into themselves and feel an intense community with others.

Lead us is a tribute to deep friendships and the feminine coded visdom which Janbell calls “witch-craft”. With its help we can understand and deal with life as well as death.

– I want to make a performance dedicated to all the people who have moved on to the other side! Without them- nothing! says Janbell.

***Please note that intense light and strobe effects occurs in the performance***

Lead us is a production by Lisa Janbell
Premiere 10th February in Landskrona
On tour with Riksteatern Spring 2023

Lisa Janbell
Cecilia Redhe
Bianca Traum

Artistic Team
Choreographer: Lisa Janbell
Light designer: Joa Palmér
Costumedesign: Lisa Janbell
Music: Bella Boo och Jessie Granqvist
Dramaturgy: Linda Adami
Photo Malou Bergman