Leif Holmstrand “Perilous Party”

Crochet, trash and peculiar objects in an unsecured queer room.

Attend a perilous party. Or, better yet, organize a perilous party. See to it that you are the only human being present. Do not be mortal, avoid the afterlife. Enjoy the burning of the rainbow flag, while sorrow lingers. Enjoy shadows and happy ghosts. There will be sculptures and images. Do not obey them, but listen carefully. Incorporate their stories and interactions with your everyday life as a true queer vessel should. Be happy and sad. Look at crocheting fingers and a half-male priestess building a misguided lover out of garbage and waste. Someone will sing. Someone will give you glimpses of perverted, loving life between 1997 and 2021. You are welcome.

Perilous Party moves in a disintegrating and unsecured queer space. Failed internet arguments about LGBTQ-people vs. surrogacy, mixed with mysterious, three-legged tourists from another world, and blackened rainbow flags of the sadder variety. 

Leif Holmstrand works in boundary breaking and polyphonic ways: textile techniques, trash and waste go hand in hand with sound, text, film, actions and sculpture. The genderbending and non-straight are constant themes. 

Leif Holmstrand, born in 1972, is an artist, writer and musician. This restless practice has its roots in anti-straight historiography, and grows into a dreamlike but physically palpable dissolution of reality. Happenings and performance are important expressions, but the props and results, often physical, sculptural objects, carry the same weight. Genre-bending works where text, image, object and sound works together, takes up more and more space in Holmstrand’s artistry, though unmitigated works dominate. This year his latest poetry collection “Den fornegyptiska familjesolen” will be published by Pequod Press.

Thank you Malmö Konstmuseum for lending us the film “Sunday Morning Cranium Anus”

Every Wednesday and Thursday 17.00–19.00