Lidia Wos “Because the Day was Sunny”

Twisted choreography meets surreal poetry

A dance performance where Lidia Wos’ absurd and twisted choreography meets Wislawa Szymborska’s surreal yet everyday poetry.

Because the day was sunny is a dance performance inspired by Nobel laureate Wislawa Szymborska’s poetry. In this performance Lidia Wos explores how the expressions of poetry can be transformed into dance. The exact meaning of the words are not the main focus – it’s about using the text as a source of inspiration. Poetry is the base of imagination and helps us open up to new thoughts, ideas and to widen the language of movement.

Szymborska’s poetry and Lidia Wos’ choreography shares great similarities. An attention to detail that manifests as an almost perfectionist attitude. How they embrace the human and finds inspiration in the everyday life. That they turn to an ordinary person and are concerned with the personal dialogue with each and every reader/viewer. Seemingly simple constructions consist of several layers and open up for a multitude of interpretations. Contrasts that interact with eachother and establish a platform for surprising and absurd turns of events, and the ever-present subtle, surrealist humor.

Before the premiere on October 6th  Wislawa Szymborska’s Swedish translator, Anders Bodegård, will hold a short introduction to Szymborska’s poetic universe. The presentation wi be held in the foyer starting around 6.30.

Lidia Wos is a dancer and choreographer based in Malmö. For several years she was part of the permanent ensemble at Skånes Dansteater. She has previously been engaged as a choreographer for several companies and theatres in Sweden as well as internationally. Performing in this piece along side Lidia Wos is Javier Perez, who previously worked for choreographers like Johan Inger, Yossi Berg/Oded Graf, Mats Ek and Fernando Melo to mention a few.
Lidia Wos hemsida

Choreography, concept & dance: Lidia Wos | Dancer: Javier Perez & Jernej Bizjak |  Light design & tech: Imre Zsibrik | Sound design: Marcin Brycki  |  Part of the production is done in residency at Danscentrum Syd and Dansstationen.

60 min.