Lisa Mårtensson “The Children of Dorothea”

Movements, surrealism and sexuality

Music and movements create surrealist dreamworlds around paintings by American artist Dorothea Tanning.

The Children of Dorothea gives life to the events that take place before and after the moments depicted in some of Dorothea Tanning’s surrealist paintings from the forties and fifties. From these paintings a story grows of two girls, childish friendship and discovering sexuality together with others. But it is also a story of power and how control and domination color even these early relationships.

Two performers move across the stage in a soundscape created by electronic music producer Lotta Fahlén, also known as Loljud, and classical musician Emma Swensson. With the paintings as a point of departure they use body language and gestures to explore the body’s relationship to different objects, to being objectified and objectifying others.

Memories of a childhood in the 1990s mixes together with the childhood landscapes in the paintings, that are also filled with symbolic language and codes – gigantic sunflowers, crushed eggshells, doors opening one after the other in an endless flow. Dreams and reality float into one. What does your body remember? What stories does it have to tell?

Lisa Mårtensson (SE) is a perforer and artist based in Malmö. Her work explores themes like the everyday, memories and traces, relationships to objects, and power and dominance in close relationships. In 2017 she presented the performance DÄDOJÄJ at Inkonst, which was created togehter with Oscar Steen.

Emma Swensson (SE) is trained at Musikhögskolan in Malmö with oboe as her main instrument. She makes music in solo project Noise-Folk and in the trio Pahaska, and have worked with many music concerts for children. For The Children of Dorothea Emma has recorded and digitally composed violinists and operasingers.

Lotta Fahlén (SE) is an artist, composer and music producer who works in Field recordings, Ableton Live & Pus, vocals, synth and vocoder. Her solo project Loljud, where she writes and produces experimental pop/electronica, is part of the Malmö music scene and is often accompanied by video art. Lotta is also part of duo Lilium, that make experimental techno for short live sets and long DJ gigs. She is also a coach at Vem kan bli producent, and part of collective Synth Babes.

By: Lisa Mårtensson | Music: Lotta Fahlén, Emma Swensson | Performers: Lovisa Perman, Fredrika Vilselius