Lisa Mårtensson & Oscar Steen “DÄDOJÄJ – Du är du och jag är jag”

Headphones with instructions make the audience move

With headphones as your guide this interactive performance lets you experience everyday actions and movements turned into a choreography using instructions. Turn your head to the right and look at what you see…

DÄDOJÄJ is an interactive performance where the visitors are both audience and actors. It’s an audio walk and a looping choreography in a room with six stations and eight pairs of headphones. The participants take turns listening and watching those who are listening in the mechanical choreography that takes shape when they move according to the audio instructions.

In the performance the audience takes part of descriptions and anecdotes from everyday life that’s been found through interviews and observations in the city. Stories of things we’ve consumed and how the trash we leave behind in someone else’s hands can turn into both artefacts and archive material.

Through breaking down different rituals from the everyday life and turning them into stories, instructions and choreography we’re invited to distance ourselves from the mundane and ask questions like: What is normal? Can even the most normal things become absurd if put in a new context?

Lisa Mårtensson och Oscar Steen (SE) met when they studied at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö, where they were in the classes Teaterns teori och praktik and Konceptuell scenkonst. Lisa is a performance artist with a background in dance. Oscar is a video artist and an actor.

By: Lisa Mårtensson och Oscar Steen | Photo: Ernst Skoog | In collaboration with: Performativet and Inkonst