Locus – Viktor Fröjd l Riksteatern l MALMÖ DANCE WEEK

Med grunden i streetdance rör sig tre dansare i en skog av lyktstolpar med ett heligt gung.

DATES 1/11 l 2/11
DOORS 19.00 l 17:00
ON STAGE 19:30 l 17:30

110/175 kr
60 min

Three dancers, a forest of lampposts and a sacred swing. Locus is a place where people breathe, live and change through movements and rhythms. It is a place that says yes to life at a time when many have lost faith in the future.Is Locus a utopia? Maybe not. Perhaps we just need to change our view of the reality we have created. Because things are always what they are, not what they seem to be.

On stage we see the three dancers Anton Borgström, Joanna Holewa Chrona and Abigail Vrede who, like Viktor Fröjd, have a background in street dance. Video and light installations together with the dancers on stage and the audience in the salon create a common place in transformation. The newly written music moves between acoustic and electronic, between everyday and distorted where rhythm and resonance arise and change.

Viktor Fröjd is a dance artist based in Malmö. Through both commissions and own productions, Viktor creates works for larger and smaller stages. Having his foundation in street and club dance means that the improvisational is constantly present in his work. And also that he has an understanding of the social, that everyone who is in the room affects the atmosphere in the room and what occurs there.

Anton Borgström has won several prestigious battles/competitions around the world. He works with a number of choreographers such as Kenneth Kvarnström, Fredrik “Benke” Rydman, Cristina Caprioli and Örjan Andersson.

Joanna Holewa Chrona is a dancer, choreographer and DJ active in Sweden and South Africa. With her background in street dance and from West/South African cultural dances, Joanna is active in the international battle scene and contemporary dance.

Abigail Vrede is a Dutch dancer. After starting with hip-hop and house, she has also trained in contemporary dance in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. She is now active in Norway.

Locus is a co-production between Riksteatern and Scenkonst Sörmland.

Creators/ Artistic team
Choreography: Viktor Fröjd
Composer/sound designer: Dijle Neva Yigitbas
Scenography and lighting design: Anton Andersson
Costume Design: Sarah Nakiito 

Anton Borgström, Joanna Holewa Chrona, Abigail Vrede