CANCELLED Lucky Numbers – Stina Nyberg

A rhythmic and humoristic duet of movements to club music.

In Lucky Numbers we meet two dancers who move to the music, to each other, to an inner feeling and in an imagined world.

In a patchwork quilt between actions and reactions, dancers Lisa Janbell and Ama Kyei move on the border between images and experiences, to a pumping rhythm with ever-changing relationships. Stina Nyberg’s new work for Riksteatern is created in close relationship with the DJ and composer rRoxymore and is performed in a room created by Josefin Hinders in collaboration with the textile artist Anna Nordström. Her Youtube-inspired patchwork quilts frame the room into a place for shared experiences.

“Lucky Numbers is truly a duet with dancers Lisa and Ama as the main characters – as club kids, friends, dancers and as people who create a room that somehow vibrates. They are busy exploring what it really means to “dig” to music and they do it all the time in relation to each other and to the audience that surrounds them. ” – Stina Nyberg

Stina Nyberg lives in Stockholm and works as a dancer and choreographer. In her practice, she uses conviction and illusion in order to create new systems of logic which construct the world differently and make bodies act accordingly. At moments she calls this performative force magic, sometimes a craft, and occasionally a practice. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move.

Choreography: Stina Nyberg | Dance: Lisa Janbell and Ama Kyei | Music: Hermione Frank aka rRoxymore | Set design, lighting and costume design: Josefin Hinders | Textile art: Anna Nordström

  • 10/10 2021
  • DOORS: 18.30 / ON STAGE: 19.00-20.00
  • 120/165:-
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