LUR – “Distorting Patterns”

Celebrating the ever present cycles known as time.

From a fractal terrain of time warping tunes, LUR emerges to challenge the hegemonic symmetry of the world. With bursting beats, vivid video visuals, broken basses, accelerating acrobatics, otherworldly outfits, and visionary vocals, a new era begins – Come join the cosmic electro chaos!

You are welcome to an unordinary music ritual, by old friends to new friends, celebrating the ever present cycles known as time.

Lur is a cross-artistic music performance with live looped electronic music, live mixed visuals, punching poetry and tornado acrobatics.
From Malmö, to Berlin, to Havanna, to New York, to Shanghai and back home, to present their fifth show ”Distorting Patterns”.

Tickets Friday

Tickets Saturday

The Friday show will also have a very special appearance by Chiputter and DJ Maiken Bruun! 
With support from Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and Kulturrådet.
…an eclectic variety of found instruments and sounds along with a stunning visual component that’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before.” – NBC New York