Lydia Lunch – From the Page to the Stage

A Collaborative Workshop Led By Lydia Lunch.

From the Page to the Stage is a workshop led by writer, performer, provocateur Lydia Lunch. An artist who has collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers, Lydia shares her vision and frames a process designed to encourage creativity and collaboration as an important means of artistic expression and personal growth.

From the Page to the Stage is about artistic empowerment and motivation. Participants are given tools to explore the power of their own voices and translate that energy to the stage. Lydia will perform a variety of different types of texts, both with and without music, and embolden others to experiment with their own material—encouraging creators to feel confident to read and perform in public, whether their expression is poetry, novels, stories or essays.

Lydia and participants will present, discuss, and work their way through imaginative written materials, including Lydia’s own work in progress, a hard-boiled thriller in the tradition of Harry Crews. For those who would like to experience public performance but do not write original material, Lydia encourages people to bring a text they would like to perform, or she is happy to provide inspiration by choosing a text for them.

The workshop will be held two times at Inkonst in Malmö, 4th and 5th of March. Only 20 participants per day.