A punky clown take on breasts

Breasts, beloved blend of fat, connective tissue and glands! What do breasts say about the state of the human soul? Who is allowed to show what, when where?

Breasts are too small, too big, too sexy, too heavy, too flat, too muscular. Are you breastfeeding here?! Breasts are hidden, missed and grieved. Breasts are a goldmine for four clowns with a punk circus attitude!

M.P.A.C. creates original performances through collective processes with a norm-creative and feminist approach. They mainly work with clown, which permeates their work with circus, theatre, dance and performance. The group was founded by Karin Svensson, Jenny Soddu, Kajsa Englund and Camilla Rud. 

By/with: Karin Svensson, Jenny Soddu, Kajsa Englund, Camilla Rud | Costume design: Maria Peterson | Music: Niki Yrla

We follow the guidelines and restrictions provided by the Public Health Authority to ensure a safe environment at our events.