Inkonst Club Night: Matriark b2b My Gander all night long

Matriark and My Gander will takeover Inkonst Saturday 6th of May!

 With podcasts releases on Crude and Boiler Room, as well as having appreances together around Europe, the duo is known for their dynamic sets with intense emotions.
My Gander:
Hailing from a background of a diverse range of musical styles, My Gander developed her interest in electronic music during high school. The early and crude techno and trance sounds became an important foundation to her style. Cutting her teeth at venues, clubs and festivals in Stockholm before moving down south, her style as a DJ and producer is characterized by a raw soundscape and fast pace – yet with an inherent swing and vibrancy.
My is a part of the Copenhagen based crew BunkerBauer and holds the recurrent club event Pater Noster at Den Anden Side together with Matriark.
Copenhagen based DJ & producer, Matriark has justifiably earned her spot in the worldwide clubbing scene with music productions and DJ energy that reflects the 90s and 00s trance era, but also expanding the genre itself with sentimental valued additions of the current era. Being a part of the infamous BunkerBauer collective, and co-founder of Megatech Industries, the Norwegian artist is currently one of the most reliable trance equipment creators around.