Melt Vol. 5

MELT is back and this time we have a full focus on locally grown selectors. We want to celebrate the talent that our local scene provides by hosting some of our favorite DJs and visual maestros from our neighborhood. We wouldn’t be anything without you, the dancers and partakers, so we’ve made it our prerogative to have the visual aspects of this occasion paying homage to that. Summer is creeping in and nature is beginning to show its colors yet our feet are still placed firmly on the concrete of our lovely city. It will all make sense in the end, we’re sure of it.

Kalevi Palomaki
DJ Klubb Kadaver

Gonzalo Oimis
Patch Hofweber

Invited from across the Oresund, we bring you CAYOOTEE (pronounced Cutie) – a Danish artist, DJ and producer who’s recently brought to our attention. She alternates between her love for Chicago House, funky edits and French touch with a focus on bass, breaks, ghetto house, juke, jungle and footwork, preferably at 160 bpm or above in her DJ sets and mixes. In , she has an ear for original and danceable sounds.

Kalevi Palomäki
One of the city’s most secretly kept gems. A true OG to the culture and the local scene, with a passion for DIY and keeping things fresh and interesting. Malmo hailing Kalevi Palomaki is co-runner of ‘Sista Dagar’ and a face that pops up frequently in the city’s club spaces, whether it’s attending or spinning tracks. He’s an avid dance music enthusiast who’s a keen purveyor of the dance music traditions of the UK with an extensive record collection and knowledge of the scene. No further introduction needed!

DJ Klubb Kadaver
Once again we have invited one of our local favorites – DJ Klubb Kadaver, who had her Inkonst debut with us in October last year. Selecting tracks with high energy whilst creating unexpected combinations, she finds the common denominator of breakbeat, uk garage, trance, dembow and beyond. Blending heavy bass tracks together with bouncy melodies, she creates a mood that is ruthless but smiling. DJ Klubb Kadaver has spun her tracks at every venue in Lund and is an up and coming name in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Sordez is a Malmö based producer and DJ who’s been in the scene for 10+ years and has played in many festivals and clubs around Sweden and Europe over the years, all while releasing a steady output of tracks on labels like ‘Infernal Sounds’ and Stockholm based ‘Impact Reset’. Staying true to sound system culture, he plays anything within the UK Underground sound that focuses on sub frequencies. Just the way we like it!