Poetic children's performance about stones, time, space and minerals.

Time is running out. Change is in progress. Our lives are ongoing. And long before our time, the stones were born.

In a planetary collision of unimaginably high speed, the earth was created. Occasionally time stands still when we hold a rock, a crumb of the planet.

MINERALISM/MINERALISMI creates a moment to be present in the magic that exists in us and the being of the stones. It invites you to create a collection of things we can hold on to, tell about or just barely imagine.

A choreographic performance for preschool children and their adults. The performance promotes the Swedish-Finnish cultural heritage and gives the audience the opportunity to hear Finnish.

Eliisa Erävalo is a Finnish dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm. Eliisa has worked for a long time both solo and in various types of collaborations around Europe and in her current homeland Sweden. She explores and often works with the concept of Support in her various work roles.

Eliza’s choreographic work consists of two “clouds”. She has a great interest in creating art in public spaces and has started a work that consists of interventions on the streets. She does it alone. In it, she researches the idea of ​​the porous body and the experience of intuition. Eliisa mainly works in various collaborations and with dance. One of her focuses in that work is to promote intersectional feminism and a non-binary society.

Eliisa’s recent work elaborates various concept pairs such as exterior-interior, technology-nature, matter-spirit and winner-loser. A driving force for her is to try to understand how we build togetherness and create different strategies for life. Even in that, she wants to create space for and nurture what we cannot put into words.

Production: Kaveri-kollektivet | Idea and choreography: Eliisa Erävalo | Scenography, lighting design, costume and photo: Chrisander Brun | Sound design and music: Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir | Dramaturgy: The Working Group | On stage: Eliisa Erävalo | Producer: Minttu-Maria Jäävuori | Created with the support of the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, Kista Library and Tögel Art Center.

Language: swedish, finish

  • 7/11 2021
  • DOORS: 12.30 / ON STAGE: 13-13.45 & DOORS: 14.30 / ON STAGE: 15-15.45
  • 65:-
  • For all ages
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