Mitt bästa liv – Banditsagor och Public Plot

In a distant future humans are offered relationships with imitations, human-like but not human. We meet Head who lives with the woman who obtained her. When the woman’s father shows up a triangle drama arises between three heads, but only two bodies…

DATES: 7/11 (PREMIERE) 8–9/11
DOORS: 18.30
ON STAGE: 19.00


In a distant future people are offered relationships with imitations that are human-like, but not human. It’s a paradisiacal solution to an age-old problem. Human relationships are far too degrading. Everyone submits to everyone. Everyone despairs. Everyone pushes their own limits beyond recognition. No one should have to feel that way. 

A head lives in an apartment with the woman who obtained her. They are equals and Huvud has wonderful future plans for her self-realization. Then the woman’s father appears and presents all the incomprehensible biological or emotional or whatever bonds that exist between parents and offspring. 

Mitt bästa liv is a triangle drama embedded in comic darkness. Messy, unsightly but with a certain tenderness towards existence


Banditsagor is a theatre group based in Malmö who perform theatre for children and adults with their core in collective storytelling. Public Plot is a work collective that explores different shapes of telling stories on stage. In the past Banditsagor and Public Plot have created the performances Vita nätter and Mice en place together. Annika Nyman is a rewarded dramatic based in Malmö who recently published the thesis “Handlingarnas sken”


On stage: Sanne Ahlqvist Boltes, Emelia Sallhag, Henry Stiglund
Text: Annika Nyman
Director: John Hanse
Room & costume: Karin Auran Frankenstein
Sound: Jonas Åkesson
Producer: Frida Kärvegård
Photo: Karin Auran Frankenstein
Dramaturg: Hanna Bark