Mr. Rice & peanuts “YES!”

A dance performance breaking borders

Yes to everything when extra much would have more and the borders between fiction and reality are broken down by duo Mr. Rice & peanuts.

In a soft and intimate room choreographers Sanna Blennow and Robert Logrell are working to enter the hyper-presence full of power, strength and desires. Through ceremonies, rituals and flying, bustling movements they search for a portal in to the focus and the presence where everything is aligned in the same direction and the body becomes larger than life.

YES! is a dance performance where movements that never end are interwoven with a wobbling hypnotic room that is trying to sweat itself out of an identity crisis. Give in, push away, stretch out and grab a hold before you get closer.

Details pierce the direction of the spotlight but hope remains punctured, fallen long ago. Follows an instinct, takes them off toward unimagined landscapes; the scent and the sound, up toward an other openness. A hiding place with a secret garden, precious treasures and vibrating floors. A feather, and then another that tickles curiosity into place.


Mr. Rice & peanuts work with choreography in an expanding artistic landscape, using text, installation, dance and voice to poeticize reality. Their last piece was the lecture performance ELR+PLUS! in collaboration with Moderna Museet in Malmö. YES! is part two in their trilogy Solid is the New Vague, which is co-produced by Inkonst.
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Choreography & dance: Sanna Blennow, Robert Logrell | Room/costume: Karin Granstrand | Sound: Lendl Barcelos | Dramaturgy: Simone Weber | Performative and choreographic consultation: Ellinor Ljungkvist

50 min.