SPLIT – My Lindblad Szlavik & Jørgen Teller

Trancelike dream universe in dance performance with live music.

SPLIT is a visual and pulsating split-specific performance with three dancers and a live musician. With references to the club and electronic culture, we invite the audience to a changing trance-like dream universe – a form of interzone where the perception of time and space is dissolved and challenged. Here we invite the audience to actively participate and shape their experience in non-traditional settings.

My Lindblad Szlavik & Jørgen Teller are two Copenhagen-based artists who began their experimental and interdiciplinary collaboration in 2018. This resulted in the performance STRIKT, which premiered at the Concert Church in Copenhagen in August 2019. STRIKT was a musical-dramatic performance with three dancers and two live musicians. SPLIT is their second production together where they continue to create performing arts that move in the borderland of choreography, concert and performance.

Dancers: Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen, Tomomi Yamauchi, Marluze Da Cruz | Choreographer: My Lindblad Szlavik | Musician / composer: Jørgen Teller | Lighting design: Arthur van der Zaag | Supported by: Statens Kunstråd, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards | Fond, Dansk Sku actors Forbund, KODA – Dramatik | Administered by Projektcentret / Dansehallerne.