Niels Erling “Jag säger först ingenting”

Road movie monologue for four voices

Meat market and market economy in a deliciously sticky mix when final-year students from Malmö Theatre Academy and The Danish National School of Performing Arts take on women’s rights to their own bodies .

Janey is dumped by her boyfriend and becomes Januschka to better be able to sell herself. She wanders through a Europe in flames, meets Angela Merkel, ean Genet, Pretty Woman, John Wayne, a refugee, a hologram, a war, an explosion and has to ask herself: what market will swallow your body when love ends?  A road movie monologue for four voices. An examination of the new Europe. A meditiation over identity, globalisation, capitalism, pop culture and philosophy.

Jag säger först ingenting is Niels Erling’s exam show at the Master’s degree program in Theatre at Malmö College of Theatre. The performance is a co-production with The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Niels Erling (DK) is a director based in Copenhagen. He is also the artistic director for Akt1 Radiodrama, a platform for contemporary danish radio drama.

Director: Niels Erling | With: Emma Silja Sångren, Luise Skov, Mads Reuther, Morten Kjær | Set design: Pelle Staack | Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist | Light design: Malte Hauge