Nihiloxica (Nyege Nyege Tapes) + Vincent Bahar

Nihiloxica have a bone to pick. Their first album since the pandemic is called Source of Denial, and they’ve focussed the chaotic energy of this captivating record squarely at the hostile and prohibitive visa systems of the UK and the wider world, and they do so with good reason.

These systems directly interfere with Nihiloxica doing what they do best: getting together in a room and exploring the commonalities of the dance music traditions of Europe and Uganda.

Since their inception in the Nyege Nyege studios in 2017, Nihiloxica have explored the fertile spaces to be found between the traditional rhythms of Ugandan folk music and club music of Europe. Yet as they progress, ever more influences are bleeding into the mix. Nascent extreme metal tendencies come to full fruition on Source of Denial, and we are treated to the band’s most cataclysmic effort to date – cranked up to eleven by a production-forward approach in the studio, and more deliberately saturated, compressed and distorted sonics.

The band’s live reputation needs no introduction. Nihiloxica are widely regarded as one of the most invigorating, powerful and transcendental live acts of recent times, and their on-stage fusion of raw polyrhythmic drumming and synthetic sub bass and textures has captivated audiences the world over. The Source of Denial tour will be no different.



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Swedish-Iranian Vincent Bahar is back with the least to say distinctive sound she started her musical journey with back in 2019. 

This time with deeper club-based beats and electroacoustic ambience, all coloured by the hypnotic rhythms of her Sufian drum Daf. Put your dancing shoes on people!