NYXXX “Twelve Talking Dolls: the Subjects”

You take care of the dolls. The dolls will take care of you.

You encounter the dolls and give them life by holding them, the dolls respond to your actions. You take care of the dolls, the dolls will take care of you.

The dolls awake. They scream, cry and comfort, threaten and pray, seduce and order, invoke and plead, explain, hypnotize, confess and terrorize. As an audience member you can pick the dolls up and hold them, take care of them and manipulate them. Or just listen. Together with the other participants in the piece, you create the condition that enables the dolls to appear as a part of your human kinship.

The doll is a thing, but also a body. It has arms and legs, eyes and mouth. When you look at the doll, it returns the gaze. It is speaking and singing. It becomes one of all these objects that ting and pling around you, demanding different types of response. We can have feelings for the doll, tenderness and care, but also nervosity or unease. It is in a borderland creature between life and death. The doll is undead. And it wants something from you.

Nyxxx (SE) is a performance arts collective with members based in Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm. Our ambition is to create aesthetic situations and games where the audience is allowed to experience the art works from within. Nyxxx has previously shown The Avatar Condition, Human Agency and Tactical Meditations at Inkonst.

Idea, text, composition, dolls: Nyxxx (Elize Arvefjord, Tova Gerge, Ebba Petrén, Kerstin Weimers, Albin Werle, Gabriel Widing) | Voices: Nyxxx, Adriana Aburto Essén, John Alexander Eriksson, André Nilsson, Ellen Norlund, Benjamin Quigley, Francisco Sobrado, Ylva Törnlund and Malou Zilliacus | Costume design: Sofia Luna | Carpentry: Johan Andrén | Support from Kulturbryggan.