Olibanum: Christina Vantzou (Malmö Konstmuseum)

The december winterbite is cured when Christina Vantzou invites you to a unique work of sparingly flavored subaquatic heat.

At Malmö Konstmuseum

For the last Olibanum of the year, we have invited the American composer and musician Christina Vantzou.
In the last decade, she has created a deeply respected catalog with almost ten albums under her belt on labels such as the legendary Kranky (Grouper, Tim Hecker, Low, Godspeed, etc.). No wonder she quickly and strongly lit up our radar.
Her distilled music performed with piano, electronics and vocals breathes a ceremonial mist with echoes from e.g. modern classical, post-rock and experimental.

For Olibanum, she has produced a special piece, her own presentation reads:
A suite of works for electronic and acoustic sound sources coexisting with natural environments, both terrestrial and underwater. Composed of hydrophone recordings from Sifnos, field recordings from an olive grove on the island of Lesvos, bass flute, silky high frequencies and deep synthetic tones, the work undulates and unfolds with an acute awareness of space. Moving and morphing like the weather and deftly psychedelic, the sweet haze of late summer lightly permeates the work. Salt, sand, rock, and ripe fruit are conjured with deep harmonies and spicy overtones, diving into the cellular level as the sound aims to envelop the listener and transform the room into one body.

The concert series Olibanum at the art museum seeks to weave together classical expressions with contemporary experimental music and is made in collaboration with Inkonst.
Olibanum is a fragrant resin that for thousands of years has been a precious and sought-after ingredient in incense – not least in church contexts. This “pure incense” is considered, among other things, to contribute to deeper breathing, calmness and self-esteem.

The concert is included in the admission to Malmö Art Museum and Malmöhus castle, first come, first served. The doors open at about 2.30 pm.

  • 2/12 2023
  • 14:30 (konsert startar 15:00)
  • Ingår i museets entré
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