Olibanum: Erik Klinga (Malmö Konstmuseum)

Autumn carries a refreshing seriousness. The lines become tighter, the air clearer, the scents richer. Time for contemplation and nourishing.

For almost a year, the composer Erik Klinga has worked with the art museum’s 16th-century organ in a music residency where the unique organ’s sounds have been combined with modern tones in the special acoustics of the Skovgaard hall. During the work, a peculiar acoustic and digital world has emerged in a completely organic way.
The residency ends with an atmospheric concert in which the mighty tone of the baroque organ meets clear tones from a Buchla – a now classic and extremely sought-after analog synth created in California in the 60s. The concert is written for the Skovgaaardsalen and castle islands – even the surroundings find their way into the compositions through field recordings of Skåne’s birdlife and urban soundscapes.

The concert series Olibanum at the arts museum seeks to weave together classical expressions with contemporary experimental music and is made in collaboration with Inkonst.

Olibanum is a fragrant resin that for thousands of years has been a precious and sought-after ingredient in incense – not least in church contexts. This “pure incense” is considered, among other things, to contribute to deeper breathing, calmness and self-esteem.

The concert is included in the admission to Malmö Art Museum and Malmöhus castle, first come, first served. The doors open at about 2.30 pm.