Olibanum: Leila Bordreuil

The days aren’t getting shorter, it’s the nights that are getting longer. Like a cool hand on an overheated forehead, autumn urges us to stop and breathe, to let the impressions become fewer and more unadulterated.

Olibanum is a fragrant resin that for thousands of years has been a precious and sought-after ingredient in incense – not least in clerical contexts. This “pure incense” is considered, among other things, to contribute to deeper breathing, calmness, and self-esteem.

Olibanum is also the name of the concert series that Inkonst and Malmö Art Museum have jointly created for Skovgaardsalen, the beautiful concert hall adjacent to the Art Museum’s generous collection exhibition. In Olibanum, music and art unite producing both intense gasps and meditative states.


Brooklyn-based cellist, composer and electroacoustic sound artist Leila Bordreuil moves freely between free jazz, contemporary expressions of classical music and pure improvisation. Through her unorthodox approach to her instrument, conveying pure emotional expression, Bordreuil creates almost expressionistic art – From The Starry Night” to “The Scream”, firmly painted with the vibrations of the cello.

Leila Bordreuil has performed at classic New York institutions such as The Whitney Museum, The Kitchen and MoMA. She has also frequented many prestigious venues around the US, Europe and Japan, alongside artists such as Marina Rosenfeld, Lee Ranaldo, Eli Keszler, Anthony Coleman, Peter Evans and Thurston Moore.