Olof Runsten “Jaktlaget”

Are you the hunter or the hunted?

The hunt is not really clear. The hunters gather at a specific place with specific tools, good quality tools you need when you hunt. They do not speak. They communicate through melancholic silence.

No Gestures. They already know what they have to do. They know enough. They know the true answer of important questions like: who is the leader of the hunt, who is the owner of the woods, what weather is it? They know thats its no bad weather, just bad clothes. And you don’t want bad clothes.

They dress in comfortable and very practical clothes (for example many pockets). Its like a uniform to them, it gives unity. Union. A green camoufage (military style) uniform. But they also want to feel pretty – and they do for sure. The hat, the vest, the thermos in the hand, they all build an aura of a true lush life. The beautiful us.

They think this moment before the hunt starts is the best, and this single moment is why they all continue and why they love what they do. They think its an exiting moment of potentiality. Imagine: anything could happen. Its amazing they think.

(Just imagine for a moment how that would be)

No one knows really what they hunt, they just hunt. They take photos of each other in their uniforms. They are slightly happy. Then they wait for hours in the beautiful morning. Birds are constantly singing beautiful songs. They gaze, they search and look out in the woods. Tension in the body, focus in the mind. After a while. When they wait. They become the forest, they are the trees. They are complete beings.

They live in a cabin in the woods. A hunters cabin. They love all the living things of our planet. They don’t like to kill, but sometimes they maybe smash a mosquito. They are not really sorry for this little friend. They are for sure mystical these hunters. But they would be there with you in the woods, everyone of them would help you get out from the grandma Wolf’s stomach.

The pre study “The Hunt” has been performed at Stockholm University of the Arts spring 2017 and at the festival Plattform Nord, fall 2017.

Director and text: Olof Runsten | Photographer and cinematographer: Milja Rossi | Set and costume design: Annika Tosti | Light & sound design: Patrik Patsy Lassbo | Support by: Kulturrådet, Region Skåne, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Östersunds Kommun, Region Västra Götaland & Göteborgs Kommun.