Ossian Theselius “The light at the end of the tunnel”

Multidimensional art exhibition

Ossian Theselius’ invites you to an exhibition that will take you into another dimension where dystopia turns into utopia.

We travel through multidimensional shapes and emotional structures that molds the various layers of life, in an ever changing spectrum of light. The absence of light is gradually transformed into the presence of light at the end of the tunnel. We are taken on a visual and emotional journey through the darkness of life, where paradise is the end of the journey.

In the exhibition “The light at the end of the tunnel”, Ossian Theselius the physical and the abstract is mixed and the beautiful goes hand in hand with the tragic. He will show murals as well as works on canvas and silk in various techniques. Part of the exhibition will be created during the actual opening reception.

Theselius creates his art by channeling his inner world, without expectations or pre-planning. His characteristic art style is featured by his soft and rounded swirls of color, which can be compared to modern kurbits. He has a great breadth in his artistic expression and works with many different techniques and materials such as silk, paper, canvas and clothing.

Theselius’ works are based in particular on the childlike feeling of hovering between reality and fiction, – the possible and the impossible, – the good and the bad? Dark is dark and light is bubble chewing gum with cherry flavor. Whether the motifs move between utopia, loneliness or the mesmerizing force of nature, you will be forced to lash out and taste the world, much like you did as a child, when the icicles hung low in winter. Ossian’s detailed paintings are anarchic and manifest an electrifying energy and a heightened presence of life force.

Ossian Theselius was born in Stockholm 1983 and lives and works in Malmö. After art school he’s been working predominantly with painting and different mural projects in Sweden and around the world. Theselius has for instance done public art commissions for Nya Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, murals in Lebanon, India, Morocco, Mexico and in the US. He often works pedagogically with workshops and collectively in projects with other artists, besides his own practice as a painter.

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Opening 12 May 17.00–20.30 with DJ’s Flopdis
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